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3 thoughts on “Participate

  1. Nancy Wenzel says:

    I met Manoj on a school sponsored trip to Nepal last April. (I was a chaperone). My family is now living back in the Houston, Texas area, and I would love to see this film. If I could help in any way, please let me know. I would be happy to explore the possibility of arranging a screening–just not sure what all that entails!

    All of us on that trip were so struck by Manoj’s commitment and passion, that we came away inspired to do meaningful work in our own communities. His parting words to the kids were, “Be Good….Do Good”. If I can help in any way, please let me know,

    Nancy Wenzel

  2. outsidefilms says:

    Thanks Nancy,
    We really appreciate your offer to help. We are wrapping up the final touches on the documentary right now and entering it into film festivals. Then we will be seeking a television premiere, hopefully on PBS. After that we’re looking forward to a series of community screenings and we would love you to host one!

  3. Julene Reed says:

    I would love to hold a screening here in Memphis. I have lots of ideas for the location and possible connections/partners.

    I have known Manoj for several years and am so proud of him and his inspiring work! Congratulations to everyone involved in this fabulous documentary!

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